CERO BASURA EN BOCAS is a program product of the Solid Waste Management Committee of Bocas del Toro.

The Committee brings together non-governmental organizations such as SEA TURTLES CONSERVANCY (STC), ALIANZA BOCAS and FUNDACION PROMAR, companies such as SCHOOL FOR FIELD STUDIES (SFS) and HABLA YA, and the MUNICIPALITY OF BOCAS DEL TORO, with the ambitious goal of achieving the successful management of the solid waste of the district.

Sea Turtles Conservancy is a conservation organization, with headquarters in the USA, which carries out an extraordinary work in the protection and monitoring of sea turtles, on the beaches of Bocas del Toro and the Ngabe-Bugle Comarca, including controlled visits of tourists to witness the laying of eggs by the females of the chelonians.

Alianza Bocas is a coalition of several environmental, sustainable development and community tourism organizations, mostly from the Ngabe and Naso Tjer Di original peoples of the Province of Bocas del Toro.

Fundación para la Protección del Mar (PROMAR) es una de las más antiguas organizaciones ambientalistas panameñas, fundada en 1991, que, como su nombre lo indica, trabaja en la conservación y la educación ambiental de los ecosistemas marinos.

Habla Ya is a Spanish school that teaches anglo speakers the secrets of spanish language, combining its didactic functions with activities related to culture, the environment and tourism in the region, including marine excursions and hiking.

School for Field Studies is a company that brings university students from the USA, to train in the field on topics such as marine biology, tropical forests and interaction with local communities.

Finally, the Municipality of the District of Bocas del Toro is the maximum local authority, consisting of two main sectors, the Mayor's Office and the Municipal Council. Between them, is approved and promulgated the legislation for the region on numerous issues.

In addition to the various participants belonging to the organizations, companies and authorities mentioned, other people interested in the objectives of the Committee join us on the occasion of selected activities.